How to write titles that rank top in SE’s

February 21, 2007

“How should i optimize blog title for top rankings in google,yahoo….”

Thats what i am going to answer in this post.
I came across this trick while i was submiting my post at digg. If you’ve ever noticed, the title of your post is determined by the first title of your post. Here’s an illustration:
if you write a post with title ‘A B C’, the title will be

First give a keyword rich title, see the link of this post itself, then change it to something meaningfull.

Hope it helps you!


Opera Mini – Work from your java(tm) phone.

February 21, 2007

Here’s my first post from my cell phone.

Firefox v/s IE 7

February 19, 2007

Recently, its been huge spectaculation all over if firefox will eat up IE’s huge share for web browsers. here is my 5 step comparison.

1) Tabbed Browsing:
Actually, both have tabbed browsing. But Firefox’s got options like “open in a new tab” on right clicking. So,
Firefox: 5/5 IE 4/5

2) Add-Ons:

The only thing i can say about this is, MOZILLA’s ADD ON’s ARE WAY BETTER THAN IE

Firefox 4/5 IE 2/5

3) One-Click Button to add Favorites
Here, IE beats Firefox totally, as this feature is absent in FF.
Firefox 0/5 IE 3/5

4) RSS reader
Mozilla beats IE, though it can be tough competition in the near future

firefox 4/5 IE 3/5

5) Download manager

Mozilla gives this one major advantage. Pause downloads!

firefox 5/5 IE 0/5

So Here’s the final scorecard:

Firefox 18/25 IE 12/25


What would you prefer? AdSense ads or Affilate Links?

February 19, 2007

“Kick by AdSense or box by affilate links??”

Recently, i noticed that some of the blogs i loved have been really annoying by either adding adsense ads in a crappy way, or over doing marketing efforts for affilate links. Sometimes i found they are reccomending crap which is pur spam! And i swear by, if i am ever going back to those blogs, its going to be after they keep that crap away!!

  Its not that i am against advertising, my other blog itself is my major source of income, making over 3G’s monthly. But the only thing that is bothering me is that these talented new bloggers are losing dedicated readers due to just a single mistake! These new players out there must try to figure out how to first make a strong readership, and then try to monetize their blog.

Here are some articles useful in monetizing your blog without losing readers:

1)Monetizing by Text Marks:(ProBlogger)

2000 year old statue of greek godess unearthed!

February 16, 2007

This photo released by the Greek Culture Ministry in Athens on July 10, 2006, shows a 2,000-year-old marble statue . The headless statue of Artemis, goddess of the hunt, was discovered among dozens of broken columns and inscriptions at an ancient theater in the town of Larissa in central Greece. 2000 year statue of greek godess

Fast Facts

According to Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wild animals and fertility. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin of Apollo.

 A 2,000-year-old marble statue of a goddess has been discovered among dozens of broken columns and inscriptions during excavation at an ancient theater in central Greece, archaeologists said on Monday.

The headless statue of hunting goddess Artemis dates from the middle of the first century B.C., archaeologist Athanassios Tziafalias said.

The statue, standing 32 inches tall, was found July 4, during work on the fringe of the ancient theater at Larissa, a town about 225 miles north of Athens.

The figure, dressed in a short tunic and a deerskin, lacks its arms and lower legs.

Archaeologists also found about 60 limestone and marble sections of columns from the theater, together with more than 100 inscribed stones expected to shed light on the town’s history, Tziafalias said.

But hopes are high that more significant finds could be among the fragments.

“There are many marble pieces wedged among the columns, which have not yet been investigated,” a Culture Ministry press release said.

Tziafalias said the theater “has a lot more to give us.”

Built in the 3rd century B.C., the building was destroyed by earthquake two centuries later. It was rebuilt by the Romans, who used the broken columns as the foundation for a large pavement.

“It is considered likely that this pavement was part of works to turn the theater into an arena where gladiators fought,” the ministry announcement said.

Excuse box – Hang up on your boss!!

February 15, 2007

Everybody gets those annoying phone calls. The kind where you sigh heavily, roll yourX-cuse box eyes, and make those annoying “blah-dee-blah” hand gestures like some demented muppet that won’t shut up… Believe me, we get those calls, too. We feel your pain. Luckily, we have an awesome solution.

The Excuse Box is no ordinary key tag. Its onboard memory holds 10 full minutes of environmental effects designed specifically to befuddle your annoying caller. Click on the links below, and imagine yourself gleefully escaping from an otherwise awkward and potentially trouble-filled phone call.

  • Um, sorry, I really gotta hang up – there’s a thunderstorm coming!
  • Hey, can I let you go? I’m here at the auto-shop, and the mechanic wants to talk.
  • Oh, jeez! There’s all kinds of flashing lights ahead. I’d better hang up…
  • I’m sorry, the baby’s crying. Can I talk to you later?
  • I’m… jeez, I can’t hear a thing – they’ve got this crew putting up dry-wall over here. Can I call you back?
  • Okay…hey, that was the final boarding call, I have to get on the plane!
  • …hello?… can you… can you hear me?… you’re breaking up…!
  • I’m sorry, that was my secretary – I have another call…
  • Wow, did you hear that? The operator is breaking in – I gotta take this, it must be important!
  • Hey, the flight attendants are telling me I have to hang up, now…

These are high-quality sound effects, not some cheap instantly recognizable crap. If you’ve ever wanted to hang up the phone, guilt free, this gadget is a must-have.

See How Easily You Can suceed by being an expert listener!

February 14, 2007

“the greatest diplomat or leader is not the one who can speak the best, but the one who can charm others with his ears”

Recently, I met one of my friends who is a motivational speaker. He’s one of those who always have an aura of charm around them. Its always a pleasure to be in the company such people. He had been recently to a visit to IBM, and he was excited with a new discovery he had made. He told me that he got the chance to converse with one of IBM’s top management personals, and he told a secret.
“ To be a top executive or a leader in any walk of life, 30% of great speaking and 60% of smart listening is needed. The rest 10% other stuff like skill, hard work and so on..”
Those were his exact words, my friend had scribbled them down. Further, he told me some tips to improve listening skills, here are they:

1) Eye contact:
The foremost way to pay attention to someone when he or she is speaking, is by keeping constant eye contact. It does not mean staring. But, a sincere look can produce a wonderful effect.

2) Keep away all distractions:
Close the door (unless it is improper to do so), keep away you cell phone. STOP all work. Doing something else while other person is talking is one of the worst ways to show discourtesy.

3) Pay attention to words:
Stop day dreaming or thinking of something else.

4) Pay attention to Non-verbal clues:
Pay attention to nonverbal cues: Notice pitch, tone and inflection. Observe facial expressions and posture. Is the speaker slouched, turned away from you, or sitting with his arms crossed? These postures may indicate that he is upset – try to find out why.

5) Be concious of “TPS”
Consider the time place or situation when the other person is talking. Same words add up different in different situations.

6) Determine the main need:
Is the speaker eager to get appreciation, or sympathy?

7) Keep away prejudices:
As humans, we are certain to make preconceptions about people. But try to keep the aside; others may have something useful for you.

8) Avoid interrupting:
However enticing it may seem, stop a person mid-way and if its your boss, find a new job!

9) Respond:
Respond appropriately using “I see”, “That makes sense”, “certainly I agree with you” an so on..

10) Ask questions:
Sincerely ask questions when you are unable to comprehend the right meaning.