Excuse box – Hang up on your boss!!

Everybody gets those annoying phone calls. The kind where you sigh heavily, roll yourX-cuse box eyes, and make those annoying “blah-dee-blah” hand gestures like some demented muppet that won’t shut up… Believe me, we get those calls, too. We feel your pain. Luckily, we have an awesome solution.

The Excuse Box is no ordinary key tag. Its onboard memory holds 10 full minutes of environmental effects designed specifically to befuddle your annoying caller. Click on the links below, and imagine yourself gleefully escaping from an otherwise awkward and potentially trouble-filled phone call.

  • Um, sorry, I really gotta hang up – there’s a thunderstorm coming!
  • Hey, can I let you go? I’m here at the auto-shop, and the mechanic wants to talk.
  • Oh, jeez! There’s all kinds of flashing lights ahead. I’d better hang up…
  • I’m sorry, the baby’s crying. Can I talk to you later?
  • I’m… jeez, I can’t hear a thing – they’ve got this crew putting up dry-wall over here. Can I call you back?
  • Okay…hey, that was the final boarding call, I have to get on the plane!
  • …hello?… can you… can you hear me?… you’re breaking up…!
  • I’m sorry, that was my secretary – I have another call…
  • Wow, did you hear that? The operator is breaking in – I gotta take this, it must be important!
  • Hey, the flight attendants are telling me I have to hang up, now…

These are high-quality sound effects, not some cheap instantly recognizable crap. If you’ve ever wanted to hang up the phone, guilt free, this gadget is a must-have.


2 Responses to Excuse box – Hang up on your boss!!

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