5 top servers that can handle the Digg or Slashdot effect

With the power of the herculean social networking sites ( maybe not so networking ) , it takes real farking strong servers to keep yourself from drowning in a ‘flood’ of visitors. here are the 5 servers that CAN manage to survive getting Dugg or Slashdotted:

#1 – WordPress.com

The platform that hosts famous WordPress blogging platform. With the help of Automattic inc, if you are on wordpress.com , enjoy a happy digging without trauma 🙂

#2 – Blogger.com

Ol little google. With say some thousand terabytes of server power just decaying around, i dont think google has any problem lending a few GB’s to couple of hundred blogs at a time.

#3 – SurviveDigg.com

With the sole intention of helping survive the digg effect, this hosting service is a boon if you are having a boon ( maybe curse) to get onto digg frontpage too often.

#4 – Hostgator hosting ( dedicated )

Though i have no experience with their services, most of my friends say its great to keep your site free from the digg effect.

#5 – Manashosting.com

Dont know why and how, but even the mid level plans at manashosting are cool enough to handle digg!

Besides these real hosts, there can be many others like

#6 – Google pages

# 7 – Myspace

#8 – Xanga …….


3 Responses to 5 top servers that can handle the Digg or Slashdot effect

  1. Bill says:

    Hmm, good list have here. Though i am not sure of Hostgator

  2. Ankur says:

    I havent tried it myself but just friends say so..

  3. Quinton says:

    I can testify that Hostgator DOES NOT withstand the Digg effect on a dedicated. I have hit it a few times and every time we go down for up to an hour.

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