harry potter spoilers

  • Hermione is a DUDE
  • Hermione does a three way with Harry and two magical she-males.
  • Harry, Ron and Hagrid take turns on Dumbledore’s ass.
  • harry is gay
  • Ginny and Hermione have a special moment in the Gryffindor common room.
    Voldemort films.
  • Harry Potter wakes up in a hospital in London….where he gets AIDS and dies.
  • Harry gets plastic surgery, you can’t see the scar. No one knows who he is, and they all live happily ever after. Then Hermione kills everyone with a spell gone awry. The End….
  • harry gets aidsfrom hermione who got it from hagrid who got it from dumbledore who got it from professor mogonigel(spelling) who got it from ron who got it from crookshanks its true
  • Harry and Voldemot put their wands in their ass hole and try to give themselves a blowjob.


5 Responses to harry potter spoilers

  1. adasdadadadadaassnot true says:

    Your GROSS!!! Disgusting!!! YOU IDIOT!

  2. harry potter fan says:

    Not right. Don’t agree with you dude. By the way, your stupid.

  3. are you ready says:

    You probably got aids and now you are letting out your anger by blaming.

    Go on with your life
    and don’t be like that

  4. cool guy says:

    Ankur, you got a lot to think of.

    P.S. your wrong

  5. ggf says:

    Go over your spelling.

    What, did you miss grade 1 or something?
    Your funny.

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