What would you prefer? AdSense ads or Affilate Links?

February 19, 2007

“Kick by AdSense or box by affilate links??”

Recently, i noticed that some of the blogs i loved have been really annoying by either adding adsense ads in a crappy way, or over doing marketing efforts for affilate links. Sometimes i found they are reccomending crap which is pur spam! And i swear by, if i am ever going back to those blogs, its going to be after they keep that crap away!!

  Its not that i am against advertising, my other blog itself is my major source of income, making over 3G’s monthly. But the only thing that is bothering me is that these talented new bloggers are losing dedicated readers due to just a single mistake! These new players out there must try to figure out how to first make a strong readership, and then try to monetize their blog.

Here are some articles useful in monetizing your blog without losing readers:

1)Monetizing by Text Marks:(ProBlogger)