Opera Mini – Work from your java(tm) phone.

February 21, 2007

Here’s my first post from my cell phone.


Firefox v/s IE 7

February 19, 2007

Recently, its been huge spectaculation all over if firefox will eat up IE’s huge share for web browsers. here is my 5 step comparison.

1) Tabbed Browsing:
Actually, both have tabbed browsing. But Firefox’s got options like “open in a new tab” on right clicking. So,
Firefox: 5/5 IE 4/5

2) Add-Ons:

The only thing i can say about this is, MOZILLA’s ADD ON’s ARE WAY BETTER THAN IE

Firefox 4/5 IE 2/5

3) One-Click Button to add Favorites
Here, IE beats Firefox totally, as this feature is absent in FF.
Firefox 0/5 IE 3/5

4) RSS reader
Mozilla beats IE, though it can be tough competition in the near future

firefox 4/5 IE 3/5

5) Download manager

Mozilla gives this one major advantage. Pause downloads!

firefox 5/5 IE 0/5

So Here’s the final scorecard:

Firefox 18/25 IE 12/25