The 5 effective ways to make your blog unique

May 17, 2007

5 ways to make your blog unique:


It’s an open secret that if you want your blog to be successful, you must be able to make it unique. You have to create some specific image that makes your blog memorable. Here are 5 ways to make your blog unique:



1)  Domain Name:


     One of the most important aspects is your domain. If you go to technorati to 10 blogs, it will tell you how important is the domain. It’s like the name your website gets.


2) Logo and Favicon:


    Not much used by blogs now-a-days. But they are a very powerful tool. The simple reason is that our mind is better adapted to remembering pictures and visual data than just names. It’s like the difference between just reading the lyrics of a song and actually hearing it. Your logo is your choice. It can be your own photo. Using your own photo as a logo or favicon helps readers connect with you (self-branding). We trust real faces more than our monitors.


3) Layout or theme:


    This is another supplement to the visual snapshot your brain stores. Stop using the same public templates. Even if you can’t spend on getting a custom one built, it’s easy to learn CSS . Just a little customization like different colours and font’s can make a better template for peanuts.


4) About page:


    Using an About Me page is absolutely necessary for most of us. If you are Bill Gates, Bush or Osama, then you can safely skip this point 🙂 . So what you mention on about page depends on you and the type of blog you own. Different about pages are suitable for some personal blog and some business blog.


5) Writing STyLe:


    You need to personalize the way you write. People don’t want you to be talking in I and 0. Don’t speak greek, but a little bit of touch is way better than ‘robot posts’.



 That’s all for now. So move your butt (or maybe don’t) and make your blog unique now!