Ill give you 100$’s if you can do this!

July 15, 2007

Want to try


:: The way we rule In DigitalAge

May 2, 2007


This has now become the new symbol of the DigitalAge crusade. With banning the key to pacify the sponsors, WE, the users have made our point.



So take this:




Now lets see what they can do!

5 top servers that can handle the Digg or Slashdot effect

April 24, 2007

With the power of the herculean social networking sites ( maybe not so networking ) , it takes real farking strong servers to keep yourself from drowning in a ‘flood’ of visitors. here are the 5 servers that CAN manage to survive getting Dugg or Slashdotted:

#1 –

The platform that hosts famous WordPress blogging platform. With the help of Automattic inc, if you are on , enjoy a happy digging without trauma 🙂

#2 –

Ol little google. With say some thousand terabytes of server power just decaying around, i dont think google has any problem lending a few GB’s to couple of hundred blogs at a time.

#3 –

With the sole intention of helping survive the digg effect, this hosting service is a boon if you are having a boon ( maybe curse) to get onto digg frontpage too often.

#4 – Hostgator hosting ( dedicated )

Though i have no experience with their services, most of my friends say its great to keep your site free from the digg effect.

#5 –

Dont know why and how, but even the mid level plans at manashosting are cool enough to handle digg!

Besides these real hosts, there can be many others like

#6 – Google pages

# 7 – Myspace

#8 – Xanga …….