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April 9, 2008


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Worlds most wierd door

July 15, 2007

george bush joke

April 27, 2007

The Smarts

Bush and Powell are slaving in the hot sun digging a hole while Rice is sitting under a tree drinking iced tea.

Bush says to Powell, “hey, how come we’re out here sweating and she’s over there relaxing”?

Powell shrugs and says “I dunno George why don’t you go ask her.” Bush climbs out of the hole he’s been digging and wanders over to Rice and says “Me and Colin want to know why we’re working our butts off and you’re relaxing under this tree”.

“Well George”, Rice says, “it’s like this.”

“You ever heard of a thing called Smarts”? “Smarts”, George says, “what’s that”? Rice says, “Here I’ll show you how it works”.

“Now I’ll hold my hand up in front of this tree and you punch it as hard as you can, okay?” Bush sensing a great opportunity eagerly agrees. He gathers all of his strength and punches with all of his might but Rice moves her hand just in time for George to bust his on the tree.

“Now you understand how Smarts works George” Rice asks.

“Gheeez”, Bush replies, “that’s pretty neat”. Swelling with confidence Bush goes back to his hole and tells Powell, “hey, this is neat, the reason we’re working is because of a thing called Smarts”.

“Smarts” Powell says. “What’s that.”

“Bush replies, “Now I’ll hold my hand up in front of my face and you…”

Beg for Post – begging for a free review

March 31, 2007

“BegForPost will allow you to keep your burnrate low while maintaining high ethical standards”


With such ‘ethical standards’, Beg for post on a mission so that some ass who makes any crap wants his shit to be on the A-List blogs. As if any blog is intrested in some lame begger asking his importance (which never exsists). So lets see if even one of the begging works!