Six best ipod hacks – pimp your lil pod

April 26, 2007

Hacking your iPod – whether it’s modding the case, installing custom software, or tearing it up and doubling the memory – can transform the ubiquitous music and media player into something unique.

Note: You should be aware that trying any of these tricks carries the risk of ruining your device.

1.Penguin power

iPod Linux is the essential hack, table stakes for many of the other hacks you might want to try. It fully supports iPods in generations 1-3, and has been successfully installed on all others with a display. You should grab ‘Podzilla’, which will add a graphical interface to iPod Linux. There are multiple versions of Podzilla available from which to choose. Once installed, iPod Linux and Podzilla will let you boot your iPod to a barebones Linux mode. Furthermore, it will serve as the foundation for many other hacks.

2.Wikipedia on the go

Everyone loves Wikipedia. It’s free, user-built encyclopaedia with entries on more topics than Britannica. It’s a great information resource, but what if you’re away from your desk? Now, you can get it on your iPod and carry Wikipedia with you everywhere you go. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available for all models of iPods; nano and video users are left out for now, and since there’s no display on the iPod shuffle, there’s no point in installing Wikipedia. First, you will need to install iPod Linux.

3.Double your memory

Not content with the 4GB of memory on your iPod nano? Why not double it. First, you’ll need to buy a broken nano from eBay. Crack it open and remove the memory. Then open up your working nano, solder the memory chip from the broken nano to the empty pad in the working one, seal it back up, and perform a factory reset. You’ll now have a working nano with 7.2GB of space.

4.Mobile movies on the go

Transfer movies on DVDs to your iPod easily and free using a free software (HandBrake) available for both Mac and Windows. Be warned though: unless you use an analogue capture method, it’s illegal to rip DVDs you own onto your iPod.

For Mac (and Linux) users, get a free copy of HandBrake. Handbrake is already available as a Universal binary – good news for those who have a new MacBook, Mac mini, or imac – and can rip video from DVD directly to MPEG-4 video, the format you’ll need to watch it on your iPod. Windows users need to make a few extra steps. Get a DVD ripping program such as DVDFab Decrypter or DVD Decrypter. Convert your video to AVI using a decoding tool. Finally, convert the AVI file into MPEG-4 video that can play on your iPod using Videora iPod Converter.

5.iPod to TV

Want to watch content from your iPod on your TV? You can easily do so by purchasing a £15 iPod AV cable from Apple or use a standard mini-jack to three-plug RCA cable. These cables cost between £7-10 from outlets such as Maplins ( Set your iPod to output to TV, plug in the cable via the mini-jack, and plug the RCA connections into a TV using a non-standard setup. Apple outputs the iPod’s video to the red cable – rather than the traditional yellow. So you’ll want to plug the red cable into the video (yellow) plug on your TV, the yellow cable into the white plug, and the white cable into the red plug. This is an easy hack that anyone with an iPod can try.

6.Pac attack

Thanks to iPodMAME, you can play Pac-Man on your iPod. This hack will install a version of MAME, the arcade game emulator program, on your iPod. As with the Wikipedia hack, iPodMAME requires that you first install iPod Linux. The program comes with romsets (the set of files including all the game data) including one for Pac-Man. PodMAME should work with any iPod with a colour screen.


The most advanced browser on a portable device : I-Phone’s safari

April 10, 2007

“iPhone features a rich HTML email client and Safari — the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device — which automatically syncs bookmarks from your PC or Mac. Safari also includes built-in Google and Yahoo! search. iPhone is fully multi-tasking, so you can read a web page while downloading your email in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE.”


With such claim’s i decided to buy the i-phone. Here are my observations:



  1. It’s real FAST!
  2. Interface is very user friendly.
  3. Got all(most) all features you need.
  4. Can run softwares like Google Maps, widgets and whatnot ….
  5. WiFi is a boon.I phone



Excuse box – Hang up on your boss!!

February 15, 2007

Everybody gets those annoying phone calls. The kind where you sigh heavily, roll yourX-cuse box eyes, and make those annoying “blah-dee-blah” hand gestures like some demented muppet that won’t shut up… Believe me, we get those calls, too. We feel your pain. Luckily, we have an awesome solution.

The Excuse Box is no ordinary key tag. Its onboard memory holds 10 full minutes of environmental effects designed specifically to befuddle your annoying caller. Click on the links below, and imagine yourself gleefully escaping from an otherwise awkward and potentially trouble-filled phone call.

  • Um, sorry, I really gotta hang up – there’s a thunderstorm coming!
  • Hey, can I let you go? I’m here at the auto-shop, and the mechanic wants to talk.
  • Oh, jeez! There’s all kinds of flashing lights ahead. I’d better hang up…
  • I’m sorry, the baby’s crying. Can I talk to you later?
  • I’m… jeez, I can’t hear a thing – they’ve got this crew putting up dry-wall over here. Can I call you back?
  • Okay…hey, that was the final boarding call, I have to get on the plane!
  • …hello?… can you… can you hear me?… you’re breaking up…!
  • I’m sorry, that was my secretary – I have another call…
  • Wow, did you hear that? The operator is breaking in – I gotta take this, it must be important!
  • Hey, the flight attendants are telling me I have to hang up, now…

These are high-quality sound effects, not some cheap instantly recognizable crap. If you’ve ever wanted to hang up the phone, guilt free, this gadget is a must-have.